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The Swedish Arts Grants Committee supports professional film makers by various forms of grants and allowances. The majority of the money is allocated in the form of project support for short and documentary film. The decisions on support for the field of film are taken by the working party for theatre and film. However, long-term grants and state income guarantees are awarded by the Board of the Committee after proposals from the working party. The Arts Grants Committee allocates some ten million SEK annually to professional film makers.
The working party comprises ten members appointed by the Board of the Committee. The members are active professional practitioners in Theatre or film, including stage directors, actors, film makers and producers etc.
The working party asses applications based on criteria stipulated by parliament: artistic practice and quality as well as financial need. In addition, representatives of different genres and techniques should be among the grant recipients.

Individuals who are currently receiving an education are not entitled to grants or allowances. In order to receive a grant or an allowance, the applicant's main artistic practice must be in Sweden or he or she must be a permanent resident of Sweden. Financial support is intended for practising artists, primarily those not in permanent employment. The Arts Grants Committee does not award grants and allowances to playwrights. They are referred to the Swedish Authors' Fund.

For application forms in english; please get in contact with the Swedish Arts Grants Committe info@konstnarsnamnden.se
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