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The Arts Grants Committee’s Assignment

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee is a government agency responsible to the Ministry of Culture. The Committee’s primary function is to promote opportunities for artists to develop their art, to further artistic development, and to support innovative contemporary culture. The agency is also charged with analysing and disseminating information about artists’ economic and social conditions and with monitoring the welfare system and its application in relation to professional artistic activities.

This achieved by:

  • Raising issues of cultural policy pertaining to artists nationally and internationally in dialogue with other authorities and organizations.
  • Monitoring and analysing current circumstances affecting artists in order to spread an understanding of the economic and social conditions, and the essential preconditions for artistic creativity.
  • Providing financial support in the form of grants and allowances.
  • Developing opportunities for international and intercultural exchanges between artists.

The Arts Grants Committee is charged with realizing national cultural policy goals, specifically those pertaining to the visual and applied arts as determined by the parliament and the government of Sweden. The organization comprises some 88 persons, the majority of whom are artists or experts from the arts sector, who prepare and ultimately determine the allocation of financial support for artistic activities.

At the Arts Grants Committee’s offices at Maria skolgata 83 in Stockholm there is a staff of 27, eight of whom work specifically with the three international programmes for visual arts and design, music, and dance respectively.

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  • Adress: Konstnärsnämnden, Maria skolgata 83, 2 tr, 118 53 Stockholm
  • Telefon: 08 - 506 550 00
  • E-post: info@konstnarsnamnden.se