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European cooperation in the OMC

The Arts Grants Committee, at the request of the Government, took part in an OMC group tasked with mission to formulate a manual for the preparation, organisation and follow-up of residency activities. The mission was completed in 2014 and the manual was published in early 2015.

In 2011–2013, the Committee served as an expert representative in the OMC group ‘Skills and Mobility’.

Read the Handbook on Artists´ Residencies and Building a strong framework for artists' mobility .

In connection with the assignment, the Arts Grants Committee  conducted a survey of residency programs in Sweden at national and regional / local level, and exchange programs abroad.
List of residencies, Sweden.

During the period 2011-2013, the National Council for Cultural Affairs provided expert representatives for two OMC groups, ‘Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Dialogue and Accessible and Inclusive Culture’ and ‘Cultural and Creative Industries’. National museum (the National Museum of Fine Arts) took part in the group ‘Cultural Heritage, Including Mobility of Collections’.

OMC, the Open Method of Coordination, is a mechanism facilitating communication between EU institutions and their member states. It is also a forum for cooperation on issues where the area concerned is governed by national legislation rather than by Community law.

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