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International choreography grant

The background for the International Choreography grant is to provide favourable conditions for choreographers to develop their artistic practice abroad for an extended period of time and to deepen their international work. Every year the International Dance Programme at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee awards one or two grants.

The International Choreography grant encourages work for choreographers with a focus on artistic development and research, for a period of two to five months abroad. The residency may take place in one or more locations, in the form of a residency, extensive research or collaboration. For example, you can reside in a city for a few months and acquaint yourself with the local dance scene, participate in a specific residency location or organisation, travel and pursue research for a project, collaborate with other artists in research form abroad. The grant is intended to cover travel costs, accommodation, subsistence and fees for a period of two to five months. The grant is awarded to one or two practitioners once a year and the approximate amount is SEK 75,000-150,000.

Application and decision
The International Choreography grant may be applied for once a year (see Application deadlines). The applicants should live and/or have their artistic practice in Sweden. The application is made on a special form or online via our website. Please state, as clearly as possible, the reason for your travel/residency, how you intend to carry it out, and what significance you expect it to have for your artistic practice. Make sure to include all relevant information pertaining to the purpose of your travel and how and when you intend to realise it.

The grant is not awarded for production costs or for projects which involve paying salaries/fees to other participants.

Payment and tax
If you are awarded a grant you must requisition it in the same calendar year. You will receive the money by sending a letter marked “Requisition of International Choreography Grant”. State your personal data, your bank account number and departure date. The letter must be signed, so it cannot be submitted by email. The application shall be made on a special application form or online via our website.
The grant is tax-free.
A written report shall be submitted one month after completed residency to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. In the report we would like to know:

• How you distributed the grant on what and when?
• How you have worked during the residency.
• What experiences you have gained and which contacts you have made
• What significance the residency has had or could potentially have for your artistic practice.
If you fail to submit a written report it will affect your chance of receiving grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee in the future. You may not apply for any new grants before you have submitted a written report on a previously awarded grant.



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