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Grants and allowances

A brief description of the grants available to composers, musicians and singers.
Working Grants are primarily intended to facilitate continued artistic work in general, while target-orientated working grants are intended for specific projects or development work.

Grants for international cultural exchange are awarded to support artists who have been invited to participate in international guest performances or other projects, as well as international collaborative projects in Sweden.

Long-Term Grants usually span a ten-year period and are intended to provide a secure working situation in which the artist can develop his or her practice.

Pension Grants are presently not awarded. Previously awarded grants are not time-limited.

Grants to composers producing commissioned works are expressly intended for composers who work with commissions. They are not intended as compensation for a specific commission. As of 2010 this grant will no longer be issued.

Grants for collaborations between composers and musicians/singers will provide an opportunity to write, rehearse and perform new musical works.
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