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Grants and allowances

A brief description of the grants available to film-makers.
Working Grants are primarily intended to facilitate continued artistic work in general.
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Grants for international exchange are awarded to support artists who have been invited to participate in international film festivals or other projects, as well as invite someone to  collaborative projects in Sweden.
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Long-Term Grants usually span a ten-year period and are intended to provide a secure working situation in which the artist can develop his or her practice. (not every year)

Project Grants are awarded for large-scale film projects, development work, or collaborations, all with a time table and a budget.
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Travel Grants may be awarded for travel abroad, initiated by the artists themselves, to participate in workshops or for research purposes. Read more>>

Not possible to apply:

The Arts Grants Committee's Mai Zetterling Grant is awarded annually to a film director of high artistic quality who expands the borders of short or documentary film.
Pension Grants are presently not awarded. Previously awarded grants are not time-limited.
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