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Assistant grant

The Board of the Swedish Visual Arts Fund allocates approx. 20 Assistant Grants every year. The aim of the Assistant Grants is, for example, that an established artist and a young artist at the beginning of his or her career should both benefit from a collaboration in which the latter will have his or her work financed by a grant. The reverse is also possible: an older artist can apply to assist a younger colleague. In any event, the idea is that the assisted artist should receive a much-needed relief in order to be able to develop his or her activity and that the assistant should have a rewarding experience.
The Assistant Grants are intended for visual as well as design artists, who have completed their education at an art college or have gained similar qualifications. The grant amount for an assistantship in Sweden is 100,000 SEK and is intended for a period of 5–10 months. The assisted artist must not expect the assistant to spend more than half of his or her working-hours on the assistantship. The rest of the time is expected to be spent on the assistant’s own projects. It is very important that the assistant and the assisted artist, before the application, have carefully discussed and agreed the form of the work, its content, and scope, etc.

It is the assistant, whose activity lies within the Visual Arts Fund’s field of responsibility, who applies for the grant on a special form, and the grant will finance the assistant’s subsistence and cost of living. The application must contain a description of the assistant’s expected benefit from the work with their chosen colleague.

The artist, who will host the assistant, should outline the job description for the assistant, as well as his or her benefit of having an assistant.

The assisted artist submits a description of his or her planned work for the assistant. The applicant will vouch for the correctness of the description in the application. The assisted artist is thus not required to sign the application.

Do not submit other material than your application form and your work samples at our website. This is the only material that the Visual Arts Fund will examine. We do not return or take responsibility for submitted material.
During the evaluation of the application, the Board will consider the applicant’s artistic qualities and if the proposed content and the division of labour seem interesting and enriching for the assistant.

The artist who will have an assistant must, at a prospective public display/ presentation of the accomplished work, clearly include in the information that the work has been carried out with support by an Assistant Grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. It is the assistant who, in his or her report, will demonstrate how this has been accomplished.

After the grant work has been concluded, a report must be submitted to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
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