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Residence in Malmoe

Since 2009 Konstnärsnämnden in Sweden runs international residency through the organisation Danskollegiet in Malmo. This is constituted by the organisations Danscentrum Syd, Dansstationen, Rörelsen Koreografer i Skåne and Skånes Dansteater. Memory Wax replaces Rörelsen from 2012.

Each residency lasts for two to three weeks in the studio spaces of Danscentrum Syd, Skanes Dansteater and/or Dansstationen. Resident choreographers are also given opportunities to show work in progress in different venues in Malmö.
READ MORE and WATCH VIDEOS direct from Malmoe:

Maura Morales, Cuba/Germany and the musician Michio
Jan 14-31, 2018

Silvia Gribaudi och Matteo Marchesi, Italy
Nov 26-Dec 16, 2017

Aoife McAtamney, Ireland, Shane Holly, Ireland, Catarina Brazao, Germany
January 11-28, 2017

Emma Murray, New Zeeland/Switzerland, Johanna Hilari, Switzerland and Petra Hrascanec, Croatia
Dec 5 - 16, 2016

Alexander Deutinger, Austria and Marta Navaridas Spain/Austria
Navaridas & Deutinger, Austria
January 11-29, 2016
Deutinger and Navaridas have been creating text based performances and choreographies since 2007. They are based in Graz, Austria.

Laura Arís Spain/Belgium
Jos Baker, UK/Belgium
November 23-December 11, 2015

Seydou Boro and Ahmed Khemi, Burkina Fasso/France
January 12-31, 2015
The Seydou Boro Company
Dancer for Mathilde Monnier from 1993 to 2004 he created with Salia Sanou the company Salia ni Seydou in  1995. After 15 years of artistic adventures with Salia Sanou within the company Salia ni Seydou, Seydou Boro set up his own company in 2010. He wanted to use it to develop his choreographic research work while exploring in greater depth a more cross-disciplinary approach to cinematographic and musical creations. He created “Le tango du cheval” in 2010 and brought out his album “Kanou” in the same year, then adapted a traditional story for young audiences in 2013: “Why do hyenas have shorter back lacks than front legs and why do monkeys have bare bottoms?” and made a collective film, “Corpus” with Leslie Gremberg/Les Films Pénélope. He also continued to tour with the pieces “C'est-à-dire” (2004) and “Concert d’un homme décousu” (2009). He has regularly been invited to pass on his teachings and repertoire in workshops and masterclasses.
His artistic work is inspired by links that have been established over a number of years with the CDC la Termitière in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) of which he is co-director. He has also embarked on other collaborations in France and abroad which offer him space for research and experimentation. He has worked with the likes of Les récréatrales in Ouagadougou, Tof theatre (puppets, Brussels) and Mark Tompkins (I.D.A) and is planning to adapt a text he wrote in 2002, “L’exil dans l’asile”, with Bakary Sangaré from the Comédie Française.
In 2014 the Seydou Boro Company recreated the 2013 choreographic story “Why do hyenas have shorter back lacks than front legs and why do monkeys have bare bottoms?” on stage with “Surukou” and four musicians from Burkino Faso. In 2015 he will be creating “Le Cri de la Chair”, a piece for six dancers and five musicians
Claire Cunningham, Glasgow
November 16 - December 6, 2014
Claire Cunningham is a multi-disciplinary performer and choreographer based in Glasgow. Her unique performance style integrating the dynamic and imaginative use of her crutches, alongside her beautiful voice (she trained as a classical singer), aerial and acting skills have made her a much-sought after performer both in the UK and internationally. Her body of works have been critically acclaimed for their humourous and intelligent challenges to issues of aesthetics and dance.
In Malmö Claire invites the Belgian choreographer Jan Martens to join her.
see  www.janmartens.com/

Peter Jasko, Slovakia/Belgium, January 2014
In his residency in Malmö Peter Jasko  will work on two current projects.
The first part will be in collaboration with dance artist Florencia Demestri. The work is a duet called Spring Quartet.  We believe that the choice to treat or not, explicitly, the quartet’s theme (spring) should not be considered a priori in order not to limit the scope of interpretation to figurative or too representative aspects. The aim of this duet is primarily to create a lively interaction between musicians and dancers. The work will focus on the search for original drama arising from scenic acts or different physical qualities, favoring the expression of emotional states rather than in a willingness to stick to a concept requiring the use of the intellect.
The second part is the start of a new collaboration with the Canadian composer Pierre Michaud called The Matrioshka Collective.
At the core of this new collaboration between Peter Jasko and Pierre Michaud lies a 15-year-old friendship and mutual artistic respect. This new collaboration aims at revisiting the past with new eyes in an open creative atmosphere: a sort of artistic gift to each other, in a sense.
But this project also represents the birth of a new collective of creators, which will grow as a garden. A sort of worldwide creative commune of open minded individuals working and inspiring each other from the 4 corners of the world using the internet and ftp servers to redefine the creative process paradigm.  Sometimes these people will meet on stage. Malmö would be the first meeting of the collective.
The idea is quite simple: each new member of the collective is allowed, after a given time, to invite another member, with whom he would like to collaborate. This new member will eventually invite a new member after a given time and so on and so forth. The only rule is to contribute by regularly sharing material on the ftp server, which can be used by other members of the group. All artistic mediums and nationalities are allowed. The material shared can be merely inspirational or be the basis of bigger projects. The number of members of the collective will be eventually fixed once a sufficient number of artistic disciplines are met.
No business plan, no precise goals to achieve, no large expectations. Just pure creativity and joy of sharing in the hopes of seeing beautiful things arise.

Peter Jasko, born in 1982, began dancing at age 3. He studied at the Conservatory of Banska-Bistrica(Slovakia), and P.A.R.T.S. He then danced for Roberto Olivan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, David Zambrano, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and many others. He is co-founder of the company Les SlovaKs Dance Collective. He teaches worldwide and also choreographed performances and brought his dancer view to multidisciplinary creations in many countries. His body language is extremely expressive and physical, as he draws his influences in hip-hop or traditional dance with a mastery of ground work. Humor and direct contact with the public are essential for this perform

Sun-A Lee, South Korea, Nov-Dec, 2013.
On tour with Dansnet Sweden in Fall 2013 http://www.dansnatsverige.se/en/

Wendy Houston, UK, August, 2013
Wendy Houston is a London based artist who has worked with experimental movement and theatre forms since 1980. Her solo works Haunted Daunted and Flaunted, Happy Hour , The 48 Almost Love Lyrics , Desert Island Dances  and Keep Dancing have all toured in Europe , Australia and the US and were all made with composer John Avery. Her new solo 50 ACTS is currently on tour.
Collaborative work with companies and individual artists include:
Lloyd Newson and DV8 Physical Theatre , Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment , Gary Stevens, Charlotte Vincent and Vincent Dance Company, film-maker David Hinton, dancer Jonathan Burrows, performer Nigel Charnock, dancer Rachel Krische, performance artist Rose English, Gloria Theatre, Lumiere & Son Theatre, Ludus Dance Comapany  in theatre and site specific pieces , films and installations. Wendy has recently made pieces for Candoco Dance Company, Yorke Dance Project, VCAM in Melbourne and Antonia Grove and Probe Company.
Rodrigo Sobarzo
In November-December 2012 Rodrigo Sobarzo residies in Malmoe. Rodrigo comes from Chile and studied choreography in SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam and has a BA in actor technique from Universidad de Chile in Santiago.
In September this year, his work Mining was showed in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Jönköping. Rodrigo seeks to envelop the audience into visual introspection. Besides his own creations he has participated as a performer/collaborator in pieces by Ivana Muller, Jefta van Dinther, Martin Nachbar, Jeremy Wade and An Kaler. http://autistic-mvmnt.tumblr.com/

Héla Fattoumi och Éric Lamoureux (FR/TUN)
Héla Fattoumi och Eric Lamoureux worked in Malmoe in January 2012 and developed new creations. Read more on www.cnd.fr/accueil  where they are artistic leaders.

Kaori Iti (JAP/FR)
Choreographer and dancer Kaori Ito was guest in Malmoe Oktober-December  2011 together with the dancer and choreographer assistant Elie Tass and the dancer Artemis Stavridi. They developed the piece "SOLOS" from 2009. www.kaoriito.com.

TalDans (TUR)
was in Malmoe in January 2011. TalDans was funded ny Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sizanli in Istanbul. During the residency they talked about dance and architecture, participated in a dance platform at Dansstationen and showed their duet Dolap. taldans.com/

Michael Jahoda (USA/NL)
is teacher, dancer and choreographer from New York. Since 1996 Jahoda is based in Amsterdam where he has created The Phillip Project, a multi-media performance focusing on questions like "freedom" och "closeness".
During his time in Malmoe he created 50 silent mini-solos.

Franziska Aigner/ Busy Rocks (Bryssel/ Wien) invited the video artist and light designer Mathias Windelberg (Bryssel/ Wien) and the choreographer/dancer Sirah Foighel Brutman (Bryssel). www.busyrocks.org

Erna Ómarsdóttir is choreographer and dancer, educated by P.A.R.T.S. in Belgium. She has worked with choreographers like Jan Fabre and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Nowadays she creates under her own signature and collaborates with other artists like the composer Johann Johannsson. During her residence in Malmö she collaborated with the musician Valdimar Johannsson. www.ernaomarsdottir.com
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Seydou Boro Foto: Antoine Tempé 

Guided goods
Claire Cunningham in her performance Guide Gods Foto: Eoin Carey


Kaori Iti

Filiz Sizanli

Mustafa Kaplan

Erna Omarsdottir, har residens i Malmö. Foto: Emma Ribbing
Erna Ómarsdóttir


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