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Lecture: Beta-Local

Lecture: Beta-Local (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Date: Thursday, March 1, 6 PM
Address: The Project Room Iaspis, Maria skolgata 83, 2nd floor
Beta-Local is an organization, a working group and a physical space in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They describe themselves as a study- and production program, an experimental education project and a platform for critical discussion and production immersed in their local reality (San Juan, the tropics, the Caribbean, the unplanned city) and their present moment (the economic crisis, the infinite potential, the skills and ideas of people who live there, now).
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz who is one of the founders of Beta-Local will speak about borrowing, inventing and cannibalizing models, the importance of being an amateur, designing and sharing tools for conviviality, and insisting on the aesthetic in the midst of a social and economic crisis.
There are many built-in tensions and contradictions inherent in Beta-Local and the talk will focus on these tensions and propose a conversation on the ways that they are dealt with locally.
Beta-Local was founded by the artists Tony Cruz, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz and curator Michy Marxuach, 2009.

The lecture is part of a series of talks at Iaspis by international artist led initiatives setting up frameworks for engagement exceeding individual practice. The emphasis of the series will be on self-organized structures emanating from specific needs and circumstances rather than reproducing conventional formats.
For more information please contact Iaspis project coordinator Ulrika Sten at e-mail: or phone no. +46 (0)8 506 550 00. 


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  • Address: Iaspis, Maria skolgata 83, 2nd floor
  • Phone: +46 8 - 50 65 50 00
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