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Contemporary Art and Nationalism

Tid: Tisdag, 19 april, 2011. 17:30
Plats:Projektrummet, Iaspis, Konstnärsnämnden, Maria skolgata 83, 2 tr, Stockholm
Språk: engelska

I sin presentation kommer Iaspis stipendiater Minna Henriksson (konstnär) och Sezgin Boynik (sociolog)introducera och kritisk granska sitt gemensamma och individuella arbete om nationalism och dess teoretiska och praktiska implikationer.
In their presentation Iaspis residents Minna Henriksson (artist) and Sezgin Boynik (sociologist) will introduce and critically evaluate both their collective and individual work on the topic of nationalism and discuss both the theoretical and practical outcome of it.
- What is the relationship between contemporary art and nationalism?
 - In which situations, and economical and political moments does contemporary art serve as a mechanism of materialization of nationalist ideas?
- What possibilities can contemporary art offer on emancipation from nationalist ideologies?
The presentation will trace changes in their conception of the relation between nationalism and contemporary art. During the past five years that they have been working on the topic, they have come to the conclusion that nationalism, especially connected to a cultural field such as visual art, has a very contradictory character. In order to deal with the issue of nationalism, simplifications and reductions have to be avoided, and its theoretical and practical approaches have to be abstracted in a more complex relation.
Minna Henriksson and Sezgin Boynik have been working on the topic both individually and collaboratively for several years. In 2006 they organized an international conference in Pristina followed by the book 'Contemporary Art and Nationalism' - Critical Reader'. In 2010 they produced the students' exhibition and publication 'Manifestations of Nationalism in Everyday Life' and are currently working together with Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger on the film essay 'Cultural Dead End', which deals with current multiculturalist policies in Finland

Excerpt from the introductory text for the publication “Contemporary Art and Nationalism”:
"...The idea of nationalism can be materialized also by practices of 'alternative' institutions and movements. Our aim in editing book 'Contemporary Art and Nationalism - Critical Reader' was to collect texts, which would critically discuss the relation of nationalism and contemporary art. In other words, we wanted to analyze the situations, and economical and political moments, in which contemporary art serves as a mechanism of materialization of nationalist ideas… Our aim was to draw attention to a problem, which is not very much discussed, but which has crucial importance in understanding current political and aesthetical connections. In this case, contemporary art, which is always perceived as critical and anti-traditional, is viewed in relation to regressive movements of authenticity and originality of nationalism..."
Contemporary Art and Nationalism - Critical Reader was published by MM publications and Missing Identites project, Pristina Kosovo in August 2007.

The book includes previously unpublished articles by Boris Buden, Suzana Milevska, Misko Suvakovic, Ivor Stodolsky, Marita Muukkonen, Mika Hannula, Nebojsa Jovanovic, Rastko Mocnik, Marina Griznic, Margaret Tali, Sarat Maharaj, Branimir Dimitrijevic and Sezgin Boynik, as well as previously published articles by Kobena Mercer, Simon Sheik, Erden Kosova and Paul Wilson.

Please contact Iaspis project manager Jonatan Habib Engqvist for further information, jhe@iaspis.se

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