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The Dance Bar with Erin Manning

The "Dance Bar" and The international dance programme introduce:
Erin Manning (CA) director of the Sense Lab, explores transdisciplinary connections between sensation, architecture, politics, philosophy, and experience.
Workshop 2-5 pm
Talk/lecture 6-8 pm

Workshop: The Dance of the More-Than
This workshop proposes the development of a vocabulary for movement that does not begin and end in the human body. It asks questions such as: "when we choreograph a movement, must we begin and end with the body?" and "is the emergence of a movement activated in and through a body actually of the body per se?" If the past century has seen dance move from expression to abstraction, is it possible to think about movement as always already exceeding the human body?
The task of the workshop will be to collectively develop a series of techniques for thinking and experimenting-with the non-locality of movement-moving. Participants are expected to come having prepared two readings (available from Dansbyrån). Read more about Erin and the workshop here.

Talk: The Dance of Attention
This talk is about what I call the dance of attention: not the attentiveness of a particular body to the cue/alignment, but the attentiveness of the mobile architecture as it constructs a performance in the making. A more-than-human intervention into the spacetime of human bodies. I explore the constraints that allow for the emergence of such mobile architectures. Continuing my recent paper Choreography as Mobile Architecture,  I will explore how the architecture of Arakawa and Gins itself proposes dances of attention, and delve into the idea that these dances of attention in turn propose articulations for a politics of performance.

::Registration: register@dansbyran.se
::RSVP: no later than Nov 1st
::Location: Dansbyrån Studio, Oskarsgatan 6A, map here.
::Fee: 100 kr for workshop + lecture / 50 kr for lecture.
Pay cash on site.
Read more about the guest curator Kate Elswit and the new season of Dansbaren on the web site www.dansbaren.se.

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