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Residencies in Sweden

The International Dance Programme offers a residence programme for international choreographers and projects. In Stockholm we have our own studio where we host studio grant holders. In Malmoe and Gothenburg the programme collaborates with local partners in order to create residencies for international choreographers.

The International  Dansprogramme's office and studio are situated at The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) at Maria skolgata 83 in Stockholm.

The studio is used by studio grant  holders. The grant may be applied for by choreographers, dancers and dance artists who are based in Sweden and who work with international projects, collaborations and projects that comprise both Swedish and international (dance) artists, or dance projects with an international dimension. For example: research and process-based artistic encounters, networking meetings, production work etc. Read more here

Malmoe and Gothenburg
In the fall 2009 the International Danceprogramme's first residency branch was inaugurated in Malmoe in collaboration with Rörelsen (a collective of freelance choreograher's), Danscentrum Syd (a dance resource and training center), Dansstationen (a venue) och Skånes Dansteater (a dance company). The dance company Memory Wax is replacing Rörelse from 2012.

The fall 2010 the equivalence started in Gothenburg in collaboration with  Dansbyrån (an artist run production cooperative),  Danscentrum Väst (a dance resource and training center),  Kultur i Väst (a regional funding and support structure), Atalante (a venue) och Göteborgs Dans och Teater Festival (an international dance and theatre festival and Skogen (a venue and residency place). Kultur i Väst is especially supporting the residency covering the costs for the artists' lodging.

The residency groups choose which choreographers to invite and are tailor making unique residecies together depending on which artist(s) is/are coming including studios, information, workshop- and meeting possibilities etc.

The residencies focus on research and development, and as an artist in residence you do not have to come up with a final product. The stays include travel, lodging, studio space and a grant.



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