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The Artists’ Guide

The Artist’s Guide website is intended for artists in all artistic areas and contains up-to-date information on Sweden’s tax and social security systems. It explains, for instance, what happens when you become a parent or a pensioner, and what rights you have when you fall ill. The site also contains information on the rules governing taxes, debts, study loans and much else besides. In addition, the guide seeks to offer examples based on the actual situations of artists in their everyday lives. The Artist’s Guide represents part of the Arts Grants Committee’s remit to monitor and disseminate information about the financial and social conditions under which artists operate.

Nine out of ten artists are freelancers, while many also earn salaries.

It is estimated that nine out of ten artists in all artistic areas are freelancers with positions or assignments of only a very temporary nature. Social security and tax schemes tend to be designed for workers with permanent positions and a single employer. Artists who often switch between freelance assignments and positions of employment may find it difficult to find up-to-date information, and sometimes are even given conflicting information by different sources. The Arts Grants Committee has been tasked with assisting artists by means of a support and guidance function, and the Artist’s Guide is one result. It is currently undergoing development in that the range of information is being broadened and examples are being added that are directly linked to actual situations that artists experience. This work will continue in 2014.

Read more here (in Swedish only) >>  www.konstnarsguiden.se

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