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The Swedish Arts Grants Committee has two main functions. Firstly, to support artists by awarding grants and allowances, promote international contacts and provide information on tax, insurance and such like. Secondly, to compile information on the financial and social conditions of artists, in order to provide basic data for the government and government agencies.

The Arts Grants Committee's reports and inquiries form basic data for government bills and proposals in the area of arts policy. In addition, the Arts Grants Committee is commissioned to see that government agencies in their activities consider artists' specific circumstances, which they often are obliged to do. The wording and interpretation of the rules pertaining to social security are an important part of our monitoring and supervisory activities.

The Arts Grants Committee's supporting function entails awarding government grants and allowances to individual artists in the areas of visual arts and design, music, dance, theatre, and film. The Committee also provides artists with instruction on how to obtain information on taxes, insurances, allowances, and entrepreneurship. In total, the Committee processes some 7,000 applications a year.

Who can be considered for financial support?
Financial support is intended for practising artists, primarily those not in permanent employment. The guiding principle in the awarding of grants is the artistic quality of the applicant's work, the range of his or her artistic practice and the need for financial support. Individuals who are currently receiving an education in the arts, for example at an art college, are not entitled to grants or allowances. Artists from different parts of the country and representatives for different genres, styles and techniques are considered when grants are awarded.

In order to receive a grant or an allowance, the applicant's main artistic practice must be in Sweden or he or she must be a permanent resident of Sweden. However, foreign visual artists and designers may be invited for a residency at Iapsis.

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