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Government remits

The Cooperation Council as a component in the cultural cooperation model
The Arts Grants Committee is to take part in the National Council for Cultural Affairs’ Cooperation Council, which deals with questions concerning the role and responsibilities of the state in the cultural cooperation model. 


Government remits

Cultural and creative industries
The Arts Grants Committee shall, in furtherance of closer interaction between cultural policy, industrial policy and regional growth policy, develop and take part in efforts to promote cultural and creative industries.

International cultural exchange in music
The Arts Grants Committee is to develop an international cultural exchange programme in the music area, drawing on the experience gained from Iaspis and the International Dance Programme. 

The Arts Grants Committee is to strive for the development of gender
mainstreaming with a view to ensuring that the agency’s activities contribute to the achievement of the national objectives for gender equality policy. This implies that the needs and interests of both women and men, girls and boys shall be considered and turned to account in these activities. Implementation of development  work in this area is to accord with the Arts Grants Committee’s gender mainstreaming plan (reg. no. Ku2013/1850/KO).

International exchange programme for literary creators
The Arts Grants Committee shall prepare a draft design of an international programme of exchange for creators of literary works. The  Government’s assessment as outlined in the bill Study for Life (Govt. Bill 2013/14:3) is to serve as a basis for efforts in this respect. A report on the remit is to be submitted to the Government Offices no later than 22 February 2015. 

The role of culture in promoting freedom of expression and democratisation
The Arts Grants Committee shall, in international contexts, promote the role of culture as it relates to freedom of expression and democratisation.

Representation in the OMC group concerned with artists’ residencies 
The Arts Grants Committee shall, as the Swedish representative, take part in an OMC group tasked with formulating at policy level a manual for the preparation, organisation and follow-up of residency activities in the arts sphere and the establishment of networks and support mechanisms.  This work is to focus in particular on capacity building and on reducing imbalances in incoming and outgoing exchanges.





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